A comparison of statistical methods to compensate for missing data in clinical trials

Courtney’s research compares a variety of statistical methods, such as multiple imputation or linear mixed modeling, to compensate for missing data in clinical trials. She is simulating clinical trial datasets under a range of study designs, and then varying the pattern and percent of missingness in the trial outcome variables. Her aim is to determine which statistical method is superior in compensating for the missing data in each scenario. She is supervised by Dr. Ricardo Segurado (Assoc Prof in Biostatistics, UCD) and Assoc Prof. Mary Codd (Assoc Prof in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, UCD/Assoc Dean Public Health, UCD/Director UCD-CSTAR).

  • Courtney McDermott
  • PhD Scholar (Health Research Board - Trials Methodology Research Network) University College Dublin
  • courtney.mcdermott@ucdconnect.ie

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