Sample size calculations in randomised trials

Dr John Newell HRB-CRF / NUI Galway

Core outcomes within trials

Dr Valerie Smith TCD

Recruitment to randomised trials

Prof Peter Bower University of Manchester 

Common statistical pitfalls and how to avoid them

Dr John Newell NUI Galway

Trials Methodology Research

Prof Declan Devane HRB-TMRN / NUI Galway

Developing and evaluating complex interventions

Dr Molly Byrne HBCRG – NUI Galway

Running multi-centre trials

Dr Fionnuala Keane HRB – Clinical Research Coordination Ireland

Basic management of trial data

Mr Michael Faherty HRB-CRF Galway

Economic evaluation alongside trials

Dr Paddy Gillespie, NUI Galway

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