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The Summer School is led by  Dr John Newell, Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics in the Clinical Research Facility Galway (CRF-G) and the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics, NUI Galway, in collaboration with the HRB-TMRN.

This Summer School will provide participants with an overview of fundamental biostatistical methods, an understanding of the key concept of variability and a practical working knowledge of the statistical techniques they are likely to encounter in applied medical research.

Techniques covered include study design, analysing one and two sample problems (independent and dependent data) through interval estimation and hypothesis testing approaches, comparing three or more samples (analysis of variance), sample size calculations and appraising medical statistics in the literature. Each session has been designed in the format of a workshop and will include lectures and computer based practical work.

€400 (Academic rate),  Commercial rate on request. to guarantee your place

15th—19th June 2015 (mornings)

Flyer Biostatistics Summer School 2015

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