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Working Group Funding

To date, the HRB-TMRN’s key focus is on trials methodology on which it has established a strong reputation internationally and has contributed to important international endeavours. This reputation has been founded on strong, collaborative partnerships with several international research groups. The MRC-NIHR-Trials Methodology Research Partnership is a substantial part of the future agenda of the HRB-TMRN. This funding is available to research teams in University College Cork, University of Galway, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick and University College Dublin, who are members of the MRC-NIHR-TMRP working groups.

Scope of the current call

This scheme supports research and training workshops that address questions of direct relevance to trials methodology, which ensures trials become more relevant and influential, lead to better patient care and have strong potential to have an immediate use for decision makers in everyday clinical practice or policy.

The MRC-NIHR-Trials Methodology Research Partnership (MRC-NIHR-TMRP) in the UK and the HRB – Trials Methodology Research Network (HRB-TMRN) in Ireland have secured strong international reputations and have significantly contributed to trials methodology research.

Several initiatives, projects and programmes of work related to trials methodology have been successfully developed and co-led between the MRC-NIHR-TMRP and HRB-TMRN members, and it is the intention of both infrastructures to further foster and develop these important links. 

Call Open                                                                                                   07 Jun 2023

Closing Date for Submissions                                                      29 Aug 2023

Notification of outcome                                                                   25 Sep 2023

Number of awards

The MRC-NIHR-TMRP and HRB-TMRN will commit £30,000 and €30,000 respectively to this call in 2023. Applicants may submit a single project to both schemes with the intention of securing a higher total award. However, this will only be permitted if the applicant provides sufficient explanation for the increased costs and demonstrates a corresponding increase in expected outputs and outcomes.


Applicants seeking financial support through this scheme must ensure that funding received is used within that country for the intended purposes outlined in the proposal. Failure to comply with this condition may result in the termination of funding.


The funding limit for a single award is £10,000 or €10,000, depending on the funding stream applied for. Please note that just because the maximum funding limit is stated, it does not mean you should automatically apply for that amount. We urge all applicants to thoughtfully assess their project’s financial needs and request funding that accurately reflects the scope of the planned work.


Where an application does not address the aims, objectives and scope of the call, the application will be deemed ineligible and will not be accepted for review.

Lead applicants for the HRB-TMRN funding stream must be from one of the five eligible institutions; University of Galway, UCC, TCD, UL and UCD.

Who should apply?

The Lead
Applicant must:

  • Be a member of the HRB-TMRN based in Ireland and a member of the respective MRC-NIHR-TMRP Working Group from which they are applying.
  • Hold a post (permanent or a contract that covers the duration of the award) in a HRB-TMRN partner Host Institution in the Republic of Ireland as an independent investigator.
  • Consider capacity building in the research team by way of including less experienced members as Co-applicants, and to consider public and patient involvement.      
  • Create a team of Co-applicants which comprises of Irish and UK based members. Support can be provided in identifying suitable UK based members should Lead applicants require it.
  • Submit the research programme to the
    respective MRC-NIHR-TMRP Working Group to obtain approval for the project.
  • Provide a letter of endorsement for their application from the respective Working Group Lead(s).

Host Institutions in RoI: University of Galway, University College Cork, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick. 

Note that it is important for the Lead Applicant to engage with the respective MRC-NIHR-TMRP Working Group leads as early as possible in the application process to ensure all of the above steps are completed.

Eligibility criteria

·       Applicants must be members of an MRC-NIHR-TMRP Working Group.

·       Applicants must demonstrate that the team contains the necessary breadth and depth of expertise in all the methodological areas required to deliver the proposed project.

·       Applicants are encouraged to collaborate, where appropriate, with partner organisations such as hospitals, health agencies, universities, local government, voluntary organisations, public and patient involvement groups and/or industry.

·       The MRC-NIHR-TMRP and HRB-TMRN encourage applicants to secure co-funding, where possible, from partner organisations.

·       Research funding awarded must be managed in a separate reportable account, within the successful host institution.  

·       Applications should be concise while providing enough information for reviewers to assess feasibility and value.

·       The TMRP and HRB-TMRN reserves the right to contact the applicants for clarification or additional information prior to a decision being made. The TMRP and HRB-TMRN reserves the right to delay any final decision on an application.


·       Applicants are advised to discuss their proposal with their finance officer at an early stage.


Opening Date: June 07th 2023 | Closing Date: August 29th 2023

Queries relating to this application can be submitted by email to, please include Working Group Funding 2023 in the subject line. All application forms must be submitted by email, along with relevant documentation to by the deadline listed above.

Available Downloads

Below you will find all relevant forms for this call.

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