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What is Trials Methodology?

Our mission is to make trials more efficient, inclusive, and usable for all stakeholders. We help ensure all trials are better planned, designed, conducted and reported leading to more meaningful results, which ultimately inform policy and clinical practice decision-making in Ireland and internationally.

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What we offer

The HRB-TMRN offers the trials methodology community a suite of activities across four main pillars:


Supporting the embedding and conduct of trials methodology research in active trials and grant applications.

Research & innovation

Funding trials methodology research through annual competitive seed funding schemes.

Public Involvement & Engagement

Active across a range of public engagement and involvement activities, working with our public and patient contributors to make trials methodology research more relevant.

Training & Education

We develop & deliver hundreds of hours of training and education in trials methodology annually, as well as provide practical opportunities for capacity building and learning.

How we are funded

The HRB-TMRN is a non-profit organisation

We are funded by the Health Research Board in Ireland and receive contributions from the five University partners in the form of PhD Scholarships.

The HRB-TMRN charges a subsided fee for some of its training events. Any income earned by the HRB-TMRN as a result of these training events is re-invested into the network to support our work. These funds go towards helping deliver more summer scholarships, support PhD Scholars, deliver additional training, support trials methodology researchers, help deliver our outreach and public engagement activities.

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Our Network operates across five University Partners,
each leading the way in trials methodology research and training