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EUPATI – NEW Toolbox on Medicines Research & Development

EUPATI - Toolbox

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EUPATI launches a new online toolbox

On 27th January 2016, The European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) announced the launch of its new online Toolbox on Medicines Research & Development . The toolbox is available to European patient groups, patient advocates and anyone who is interested in learning more about the medicines research and development (R&D) process. Users can acquire the knowledge to make a meaningful contribution to medicines development and to the broader dialogue around patient empowerment. This online educational resource allows users to freely discover, adapt, and share materials.

Hibernia College (a partner in the EUPATI project) advised and designed an online learning platform to enable the EUPATI project to educate students from 33 different countries and 28 disease areas in Europe to gain expertise in medicines development. 46 students have currently graduated as EUPATI fellows with another 60 students to graduate next September.

Hibernia College also designed an online website; “EUPATI Toolbox on Medicines R&D” ( in six languages, with more than 3,000 content items with more than 1 million words in 100 thematic areas. The EUPATI Toolbox contains fact sheets, graphics, slideshows, videos, recorded webinars, print-ready materials as well as a full glossary, released under Creative Commons so it is for public use and re-use.

European patient groups and patient advocates are invited to use the toolbox to discover the latest educational resources, to educate and train patient communities, and to identify opportunities on how to get involved in medicines R&D.

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