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ORRCA database is now live!

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The ORRCA project (Online Resource for Recruitment research in Clinical triAls) aims to bring together published and ongoing work in the field of recruitment research into a searchable database.

When searching, please note the database is still being updated on a regular basis. It currently contains 900 of 2000 potentially eligible articles. To see more about our the methodological approach and the latest progress click here.

Successfully recruiting the pre-specified number of patients to time and target is a commonly encountered challenge that negatively impacts all stakeholders. Consequently there is a drive in research aimed at addressing trial recruitment. However, the volume of research in this area needs to be managed in an efficient way that enables trialists to access and use relevant research as well as allowing trials methodologists to identify any gaps in the research.

ORRCA aims to collate relevant methodological research on recruitment in a searchable database.

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