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Beyond the Trial: Fulfilling Participant Expectations with Transparent Results Sharing in the MIAMI Hypertension Trial

University of Galway trial team collaborates with participants for priority sharing of clinical trial insights.

The MIAMI pilot cluster RCT, aimed at enhancing adherence to antihypertensive medication, recently culminated in a unique gathering at Croí, Galway, which was shaped significantly by patient insights. This initiative, sparked by recommendations from the MIAMI trial Public and Patient Involvement panel, served both as a gesture of appreciation towards the participants and as a platform to share the tangible outcomes of their contributions.

The event featured insightful presentations by Prof. Andrew Murphy, Dr. Eimear Morrissey, and Prof. Gerry Molloy (University of Galway), who delved into the study’s findings, underscored the pivotal role of patient and public involvement (PPI) in research, and offered valuable advice on managing blood pressure effectively. The impressive turnout, including participants along with their friends and family, underscored the community’s vested interest in understanding research impacts on health and well-being.

A participant attending the event said: ‘It’s nice to give something back through participating in research but even nicer when the results are shared with you. I would definitely take part in future research’.

This gathering not only highlighted the significance of reciprocating results to the research participants but also demonstrated the enriched outcomes achievable through active patient engagement. The MIAMI research team extends its gratitude to all participants, PPI contributors, the Health Research Board (HRB), and the HRB Primary Care Clinical Trials Network Ireland for their invaluable involvement and support in this endeavour.

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