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Dr. Brian Slattery

School of Nursing and Human Sciences

Brian is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the School of Nursing and Human Sciences at Dublin City University. Brian’s research interests are in eHealth (digital health), eHealth in the context of self-management of chronic illness (e.g., chronic pain), digital behaviour change, user engagement, technology design using participatory methods, human computer interaction and more broadly in health and organisational psychology. In the context of trial methodology, Brian is particularly interested in how we conceptualise, maintain, report and measure user engagement as it relates to intervention outcomes. Given this interest, Brian was funded by the HRB TMRN to conduct a SWAT to examine the impact of an informational video on trial retention. Brian was supported by the HRB TMRN to host their first event at Dublin City University on the topic ‘Methodological considerations in digital health behaviour change research: Design, implementation, and evaluation in the context of randomised trials’.