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Dr. Katie Robinson

Dr Katie Robinson is Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy and lead of the Ageing Research Centre at the University of Limerick. Katie qualified with a BSc Occupational Therapy from Trinity College Dublin in 2000, and holds an MSc in Disability Management from UCD and a PhD in Occupational Therapy from the University of Limerick. Katie has been a member of the MSc Occupational Therapy professional qualification program at the University of Limerick for the past 18 years. Katie is interested in ageing research, rehabilitation intervention development and qualitative methods. Katie is currently supervising PhD students focusing on, emergency department care transitions of older adults, early supported discharge after stroke, age attuned hospital care for older adults, allied health led care transition interventions and diet quality among people living with Cystic Fibrosis. Katie has been deeply involved in establishing a Public and Patient Involvement stakeholder panel of older adults at the University of Limerick. Katie is interested in measuring what matters to older adults in intervention research, and she is currently leading a HRB funded study to develop a Core Outcome Set for research with older adults in the Emergency Department.