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Dr. Linda Biesty

Linda has 20 years’ experience using qualitative research to explore a range of health and social questions. A midwife and qualitative researcher by training, Linda’s research focuses largely in the fields of maternity care; methodological research using qualitative and quantitative evidence synthesis, and the application of qualitative methodologies to inform trials, trial methodology and core outcome set development. Linda is passionate about understanding how we help people, and children in particular, to learn how to recognise and assess health claims and has led two projects within the HRB-TRMNs suite of public engagement activities (an evaluation of the HRB-TMRN START initiative and contextualising the Informed Health Choices for use in primary schools in Ireland). She is also a member of the research teams of PRIORITY II; The People’s Trial; the Encounter Study (Recruiters Experiences of Recruiting Pregnant Women to Clinical Trials); COHESION (Core Outcomes in Neonatal Encephalopathy); COS development of the INSPIRE Research Group; the MILO Study (Membrane sweeping to prevent post-term pregnancy); the QUALShare Project (Qualitative data sharing practices in clinical trials in the UK and Ireland); The MERIT Project (Minority ExpeRiences In Trials); and Qualitative Evidence Syntheses focusing on recruitment to trials. Linda is an active member of the Trial Conduct Working Group (Qualitative Research in Trials, and Recruitment to Trials Strands) of the MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership (TMRP) and a Research Advisor with the Qualitative Research in Trials Centre (QUESTS). Linda represents QUESTS on the HRB-TMRN’s Executive Committee.