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Dr. Linda O’ Neill

Trinity Exercise Oncology Research Group

Dr Linda O’Neill is a Research Fellow with the Trinity Exercise Oncology Research Group, in the Discipline of Physiotherapy, Trinity College Dublin. She is a CORU registered physiotherapist and member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP). Her main research interest is in exercise oncology, in particular exercise in cancer survivorship. She has over 30 peer reviewed publications in the field. She currently works as a Project Manager on the HRB/MRCG funded Preoperative Exercise to Improve Fitness in Patients Undergoing Complex Surgery for Cancer of the Lung or Oesophagus (PRE-HIIT) trial and the HRB funded Rehabilitation Strategies following Oesophago-gastric and Hepatopancreaticobiliary Cancer (ReStORe II) trial. In recent years, Dr O’Neill has become very involved in trial methodology research. She is particularly interested in learning more about how to recruit and retain participants in trials. She currently leads an embedded Study Within A Trial (SWAT) within the ReStORe II trial, and has supervised a number of HRB-TMRN summer studentships in the areas of trial recruitment and dissemination. She is a member of the NIHR-TMRP Trial Conduct Working Group, and is currently co-lead of the TMRP Trial Conduct Working Group-Retention Topic Group.