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Prof. Peter Doran

Prof. Peter Doran earned his BSc. from Dublin City University in 1998 and his PhD from University College Dublin in 2001. He is associate professor at the UCD School of Medicine, Director of the Ireland East Hospital Group research network and Scientific Director of the UCD Clinical Research Centre (CRC). The clinical research, directed by Prof Doran, helps discover ways to improve medical care and to establish new treatments which in turn will improve the quality of life for patients who are living daily with chronic illness. The CRC contributes to ongoing research creating a scientific and caring culture for the benefit of present and future patients and medical research contributes to the development of new cures and better treatments. Prof Doran also leads the UCD-Abbott Biomarker programme, which has established a high throughput biomarker validation laboratory, which is contributing to major national and international end organ damage biomarker studies, reflecting his research interests in the molecular drivers of organ damage, biomarker discovery and translation to practice. In addition to his research and leadership roles, Prof Doran also leads the graduate taught programme in clinical and translational research at UCD and Chairs the Biomedical research Degrees Committee at the UCD School of Medicine.