The Masters in Clinical Trials (online) at HRB CRF-C at UCC is designed to give a competitive advantage for those wishing to pursue a career in clinical trials in the pharmaceutical, medical device or academic sectors.  It is the first such course in Ireland providing a pathway for progression from Postgraduate Certificate Clinical Trials, to Postgraduate Diploma Clinical Trials and ultimately a MSc Clinical trials, and the only course designed and paced for the working professional.  There are three 10-week semesters.  Each 10 week block has 8 teaching weeks in total, with one week in the middle and end to catch up and complete work.  Themes include: design and analysis of clinical trials, ethics, quality and regulation in clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, GCP certification, research methods, and embedding research in clinical trials with a focus on trial methodological research.   Physicians, nurses, managers, scientists, health scientists, and workers in the allied health professions are encouraged to apply. Join us on our exciting clinical trial methodology journey! For further information email or

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