Guidelines for reporting embedded recruitment trials

On Wednesday October 3rd 2018, the HRB-TMRN hosted a webinar on “Guidelines for reporting embedded recruitment trials” by Vichithranie Madurasinghe and Prof Sandra Eldridge of the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit (PCTU).

Vichithranie Madurasinghe is a statistician in the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit (PCTU), Queen Mary University London and involved in a number of pragmatic clinical trials, observational studies and methodological research. In particular, Vichithranie is part of the research group that assessed the feasibility of embedded studies for testing recruitment interventions and developed the reporting guidelines for these studies. Her research interests are methodological and practical aspects of design and delivery of pragmatic clinical trials.

Prof. Sandra Eldridge is director of the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit. She has an international reputation in clinical trials particularly in cluster randomised trials, pragmatic trials and pilot and feasibility studies. She has been involved in over 50 empirical studies, mostly trials, many cluster randomised and including pilot and feasibility studies. Sandra is an NIHR Senior Investigator, has sat on a number of funding panels for the National Institute of Health Research and is on the Council of the Royal Statistical Society.

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