On Wednesday the 15th November, the HRB-TMRN hosted a webinar by Dr Erika Daly on ‘Randomisation in Clinical Trials: Guiding Principles and Practical Applications’. Dr Daly is the Director of Biostatistics at ICON plc, a top-5 global CRO (contract research organisation) in the pharmaceutical industry, based at ICON’s global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. She joined ICON as a statistician in 2004 and has supported clinical trials in many therapeutic areas including oncology, CNS, GI disorders, and cardiovascular diseases. Initially a project statistician, she has been in management roles of increasing responsibility since 2008. As a statistical consultant, she has represented pharma companies in their discussions with the FDA and has served as the unblinded statistician for numerous data monitoring committees (DMCs). She has also had oversight for the dedicated Randomisation Team within ICON for the past two years.

Dr Daly obtained her B.A. (Statistics and Economics), M.Sc. (Statistics) and Ph.D. (Biostatistics) from University College Dublin. She is a Chartered Statistician with the Royal Statistical Society, a former member of the PSI (Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry) Scientific Committee and currently sits on the PSI Regulatory Affairs Committee.

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