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WEBINAR – Decentralised Clinical Trials: Lessons from the Trials@Home project – Dr Amy Rogers

Decentralised clinical trials, which use technological and organisational methods to move clinical trial activities closer to their participants’ homes, have been suggested as a solution to recruitment, retention, and overall trial efficiency challenges. The Innovative Medicines Initiative-funded Trials@Home project is a public-private consortium aiming to promote good practice and adoption of decentralised clinical trial methods in Europe. As part of this project, researchers at the University of Dundee, Scotland, have identified and reviewed completed and in-progress clinical trials that have used decentralised methods to produce initial guidance on decentralised trial conduct. Additionally, interviews with staff, patient representatives, and other stakeholders involved in decentralised clinical trial case studies have supported qualitative research to produce actionable learning from their experiences. This webinar gave an overview of the Trials@Home project and presented the systematic review and case study findings.

Dr Amy Rogers is a Clinical Lecturer with MEMO Research at the University of Dundee. Having previously worked as General Practitioner, Amy now researches pragmatic clinical trial methods, focusing on the implementation of decentralised and healthcare-embedded clinical trials. Recent projects have included the ALL-HEART, TIME, and EVIDENCE trials. She is also particularly interested in the role of public engagement and involvement in clinical trials.

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