The HRB-TMRN will provide direct support to the clinical trial community in Ireland in two ways; firstly through the development of a Clinical Trial Expertise Database (C-TED) and also through the Trial Methodology and Reporting Advisory Service (TMRAS). Both C-TED and the TMRAS will facilitate collaboration between researchers and build capacity and understanding in the areas of clinical trial methodology.  These services will also help develop more rigorous protocols leading to more robust trials and improved reporting of research findings, leading to evidence that can influence decision and policy making in social care.


C-TED will provide a detailed listing of current researchers across all organisations and institutions involved in all aspects of clinical trials, with emphasis on areas of clinical trial methodology. Members of the C-TED listing are self-declared experts in the field and a link to relevant publications lists must be provided to demonstrate activity in their chosen speciality. Contact can be made directly to the listed individuals to discuss trial advice, grant application collaborations or other area of research involvement.


The TMRAS will provide a direct knowledge exchange service for trialists with specific questions relating to non-standard methodological approaches to clinical trials. Non-standard questions are those which are beyond the scope of local Clinical Research Facilities / Centres and involve more complicated methodological concepts or trial designs. Applications for the TMRAS can be made on-line, and queries are forwarded to the relevant identified expert in the specific subject area, who will respond to the applicant directly.

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