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MSc Clinical Research – University of Galway - Online

The MSc in Evidence-Based Future Healthcare is an exciting new fully online interprofessional postgraduate course designed for busy healthcare workers seeking to transform their current practice, optimise healthcare outcomes and advance their careers in a rapidly evolving field.

 Our future-facing programme aims to equip healthcare workers from all backgrounds with the skills and knowledge to tackle current and emerging healthcare challenges by utilising cutting-edge approaches to evidence identification, appraisal, and implementation.

Special features
The programme will be delivered by experts in evidence-based healthcare from the University of Galway, with guest contributions from international experts. This programme is also closely linked with the internationally-recognised centres of excellence of Evidence Synthesis Ireland, Cochrane Ireland and the HRB Trials Methodology Research Network.

Applications will be via the university’s online Postgraduate Applications System. 

NOTE: applications for this programme cannot be made till October 2023.

Supporting documents required for this programme will be listed here.

Relevant Experience: The selection committee will give preference to candidates with one to two or more years of experience in their relevant field, as this demonstrates a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry and the potential for greater contributions to the field. By healthcare-related field, we mean that this can include a wide range of roles, such as direct care in clinical settings, non-clinical roles in healthcare administration, policy or research, community service focused on healthcare, public health, health promotion, or other related areas. We welcome applicants with diverse experiences that contribute to a broader understanding of health and its various aspects. If over-subscribed, we will also review applicants to ensure a balance of disciplines to ensure our interprofessional multidisciplinary focus.

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