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What is the HRB-TMRN

The HRB-Trials Methodology Research Network (HRB-TMRN) is a new, collaborative initiative between a number of Irish and international higher education institutes and methodology centres.

Its mission is to strengthen the methodology and reporting of trials in health and social care on the island of Ireland so that they become more relevant, accessible and influential for patients and other service users, practitioners, policy makers and the public.This will be achieved through a programme of work relating to the methodology of trials and focussed on (i) support (ii) training and education and (iii) research and innovation.


20 hours ago
PRioRiTY 1 survey achieved a response rate of 11% from Ireland, let’s aim higher for PRioRiTY 2!:
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1 day ago
RT @bmj_latest: The latest #UnreportedClinicalTrial: "This unreported trial could have an impact on clinical practice and post-operative pa…
3 days ago
RT @shauntreweek: We're starting an online course in designing real-world trials this year: I've done some filming…
4 days ago
Day 7/7. 7 Days, 1 B&W photo of your life. No explanations. No humans. Nominated by @decdevane. We nominate @hrbireland
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